What's Been Achieved Recently

Rising To The Challenge

Providing Covid Support

The Coronavirus outbreak has set local government an unprecedented challenge. This is true for all services they provide but especially those for the most vulnerable in social care, education and housing. The Commissioning Alliance has been supporting our members and beyond to deliver pan London solutions to support resilience including the delivery of vital personal protective equipment (PPE), having sourced almost 8 million units since the outbreak began and 48 million more to arrive over the coming weeks.

New Channel

We're On Linkedin

We’re expanding our social media presence! This is the start of our mission to create easy ways for you to keep up to date with what is happening here with Commissioning Alliance. Check us out: https://www.linkedin.com/company/commissioning-alliance

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Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Our New Identity

Commissioning Alliance

It's been an exciting time for us at Commissioning Alliance. The creation of a distinct new brand is a proud moment. The service will continue with support from our West London Alliance colleagues. However, a separate identity was key to highlight that our vision and mission is broader, aimed at national issues with the foundations of national solutions - for the benefit or our founding members and the new local authorities we support. 



Finalists in the 2020 Local Government Chronicle Awards for Transformation.

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Grant funding to support the roll out of Setting the Standards & the Supported Accommodation DPV from MHCLG and the Greater London Authority.

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Approach to Semi-Independent identified as best practice and included in St Basil’s Care Leavers Accommodation and Support Framework, which is endorsed by MHCLG.