Diverse Services

We enable local authorities to collectively procure through a set of DPV contracts with consistent terms and conditions, enabled through process and data with our CarePlace system. We then support this with a highly skilled and experienced team to deliver joined up provider engagement, quality management and compliance whilst delivering strategic level commissioning objectives for our members.



In order to deliver the change to the market and value to local authorities and ultimately better outcome for our most vulnerable, we have developed a three-pillar approach. 


Our Services

We support Local Authorities with a number of services to achieve an effective and efficient system of commissioning. Our core offer of commissioning and contract management wraps around our procurements, with optional services available to provide enhanced support to innovate through projects, training and delivering efficiencies and capabilities in service delivery.


Our approach allows Local Authorities to select what combination of services will provide the most benefit them given their unique circumstances.

  • Commissioning & Contract Management. 

  • Special Educational Needs Brokerage.

  • Commissioning Consultancy Support.

  • Change Management & Training.

  • Data Analytics.

Please get in touch and we can discuss what we can do to support your local authority’s needs; either via the or get in touch with any of our team.



The Dynamic Purchasing Vehicles

Dynamic Purchasing Vehicles (DPV) gives our members real time information. It helps to ensure the right placement in the right place and at the right time.


This data also enables us to be intelligent customers, by supporting evidence based commissioning and effective market management. Data also enables providers to better meet the needs of local authorities.

  • Maximise benefits of both a Framework and DPS. An “adapted” or “Pseudo” Dynamic Purchasing System. We have coined the term Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle

  • Procurement compliant. Meets PCR 2015 under the light touch regime.

  • Open & easy to access. Minimum criteria to be approved to supply – Ofsted registration, insurance and credit report. Service requirements defined at point of call off.

  • Open nationally. DPVs are open to any LA or provider nationally, to maximise the benefit of scale and investment. This is a stepping stone towards a national contract for care 

  • Block & individual placements. Robust call off procedures setting out arrangements for placing individual children and calling off a block contract.

  • Embedded discounts and best practice T&Cs. 

  • Block Contracting – ability to instantly enter block contracts through mini-competition. This avoids 6-9 months of legal/procurement input.

We use the DPV approach in three markets – fostering, residential and special educational needs placements.

We are also going live with our semi-independent accommodation & support DPV on 1st April 2020. 

Local authorities can choose to work with us across any or all of these categories.

Please get in touch and we can discuss what we can do to support your local authority’s needs; either via the or get in touch with any of our team.


We welcome applications from providers in any of these markets. Please find all opportunities on our procurement portal


The Careplace Platform

CarePlace is a system designed by local authorities for local authorities. It has a fully funded development budget and new functionality is constantly being added for our partners.


  • Search functionality – intelligent search enables placement teams to search by geography, quality or provider characteristics. This reduces ‘spam’ referrals for provider.

  • Market Intelligence – Significant market intelligence capability, enabling insight at both an operational or strategic level. This enables LAs to become genuine intelligent customers. Includes significant insight into placement costs. 

  • Officer Time – More effective process for placement searching, driving efficiencies.

  • Provider Profiles– includes OFSTED ratings, Contract Management Meeting notes and provider specific reports. 

  • Information Security – a secure way to share personal information, reducing the risk of data breach.

  • Electronic Contracting – The system automatically produces Individual Placement Agreements, with the agreement sent to the provider for electronic sign-off. Reporting shows the levels of contractual compliance. 

  • Safeguarding Alerts – Safeguarding alerts are put on the system, so that intelligence is shared between LAs. Placement teams can see the alert prior to making a placement. 

  • Audit Trail – all information about search/options is captured and can be exported. This can enable re-design in placement teams, as well as providing an evidence base for court/tribunals

  • Unlimited numbers of Frameworks/DPS – With a Children’s CarePlace licence LAs can put an unlimited number of other children’s contracts on the system

CarePlace supports placement finding for our local authorities.

Please get in touch and we can discuss what we can do to support your local authority’s needs; either via the or get in touch with any of our team.